spring time 2017

Hello folks, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I have been busy working on a few things that are culminating as we speak.

Since it is now finally coming to spring time, I wanted to rejoice in the fleeting snow and coming of bottomless mud with you readers.

If you have a snowmobile than that sucks, if you have a bike then you should be damn happy. If you have an atv you shouldn’t give a fuck.

Of course if you have a truck than snow can be a good thing, but it just isn’t quite as good as mud if you ask me. Nothing really is in my opinion.

So spring brings tons of mud and sun which make for a really good time.


I really don’t have too much to say, as spring is just beginning, but stay tuned as I will post more as it gets a little further into spring.

Take it easy- Joe

New old school trucks

New old school trucks

So first let me explain what this article is all about, because it may sound kind of confusing. It is, but I will put a little simpler. So what it is I’m talking about is older trucks, classics. I personally have several trucks, one them is a good old 82′ Chevy custom deluxe. Yes unfortunately it is an automatic. I want a manual too, but I was presented an offer I couldn’t pass up. It was a very nice truck with a good swap, and since I am not back home I really didn’t want to swap the damn engine. It is a 350, which if I had my way I would have swapped a good old big block in it, but the 350 preforms very well.

So what I wanted to talk about was the genocide I see being committed against my old pickups out there. Especially having been in California for a time I saw it a lot. If your from anywhere that isn’t a city you know what I am talking about. Continue reading “New old school trucks”

What tire should I buy?

So a pretty common question from people is what tire to buy, whether it be your first truck or just wanting a change of pace when it comes to tires, I’m going to do my best here to kind of give some insight on my favorite tires and other tires I have heard about. When it comes to tires though it hard to say exactly what you would need so be sure to do some research into a tire brand before you buy because rubber can get expensive. That being said, I’ll cover a few types of categories like mud tires or all around.

BFG mud terrain ta km2 my personal favorite
BFG mud terrain ta km2 my personal favorite


So I’m going to start with my specialty, that being mud tires, I’ve had a few that I’ve personally tested and that my buddies have used, of all of them I’d have to say that I would definitely recommend BFG mud terrain T/A km2. These tires preform really well in the mud and the snow but don’t kill you too much on the road, they have good lug spacing and you can get decent miles out of them I’d say you could probably get 20 to 25 thousand area. They also look pretty good but, with that they are relatively loud on the road especially when the tread gets low. Now if you have just a sport off roader that you don’t drive the road too much then I obviously tell you to go TSL, specifically the super swamper or bogger, if you have a jeep maybe a set of buckshots. Remember that this brand of tires is designed for off road use your probably looking at 10 to 15 thousand miles a tire maybe 20 for a buckshot and they will run you upwards of 350 400 dollars per tire versus 250 for BFG but for other options I know Maxxis bighorns are good and surprisingly firestone destination mud tires are good. Lastly I think that Nitto mud grapplers look bad ass and I’ve heard good things about the performance, but for the money might as well just get TSLs.

If your just looking for a good all around tire hands down Goodyear Wrangler Radial, I had these on my Dakota and I swear you can put endless miles on them. Tread runs out no worries they are cheap too, you will never slip in the snow and they pull pretty good in the mud too, and they are quite on the road. If you have a small truck, buy this tire you will not be disappointed. Aside from that firestone is a pretty safe bet too. (I don’t like toyo so that’s why i haven’t mentioned them yet.) but for sand and shit toyo are good not to familiar with them though so not much help there.

If your looking for motorcycle or tractor tires i will get an article out soon for those and will probably spend more time going into depth about specific mud tires, i just want to let a few people know what my personal preferances are, also comment or message me if your interested in rims because I’ve done endless research on rims too.

Keep on muddin’-Joe


Preventative Offroad Maintenance

Running mud is always fun until your truck breaks and your stuck in the middle of a muddy road. I’m going to inform you of a few simple things that will lessen the damage muddin’ can do to your vehicle. Obviously it is going to take a toll a no matter what, but plenty of things can be avoided for little or no cost. Continue reading “Preventative Offroad Maintenance”

Good Trail Bikes

Alright so I touched base on racing bikes a little bit, so now I just want to get a little about trail bikes out there, It’s hard to say exactly what a good trail bike is because most companies don’t advertise or produce trail specific bikes but some are much better than others here’s why.

Now if you want to just hit the trails and take in scenery rather than hit massive ramps and kill wheelies. Than a racing bike probably isn’t going Continue reading “Good Trail Bikes”

Racing dirt bike right for me?

So I was asked yesterday, if a friend of mine should buy a YZ 250 2 stroke racing bike. So the story goes he has never had a dirt bike but is familiar with bikes but he wants to get into dirt biking and is afraid to get a small bike because he thinks he will get bored of it and upgrade anyway. Now i know this is a common problem as I myself have had it when I bought my ’03 CR 250, however this was my 3rd dirtbike. So had plenty of prior experience, but I’m going to give my 2 cents on racing bikes. Continue reading “Racing dirt bike right for me?”