6 reasons to buy a truck

Howdy folks so I get asked a lot why I drive a truck more specifically a lifted truck. So I’m going to explain 6 reasons why you should ditch your car and buy a truck (if you don’t have one already). If you do you’ll know what I’m talking about when I explain why vehicles are more than just a way to get to and from work. lets get started.

Options: First reason and clearly the most obvious reason to buy a truck is the versatility. Everybody who drives a car has to, at some point call up that buddy who has a pickup to haul something here or there because their car is not capable. Trucks have bed space, off road ability, torque, power, anything a man can ask for really I will elaborate on that more later on. Just know having a truck is useful for more than just yourself.

Mud running: Most who have pickups or any 4wd for that matter know the amazing feeling of hitting the mud or doing donuts in the middle of a soggy field. Mud running is one of Americas great pastimes and is an awesome way to spend an afternoon and get the full experience of driving a truck. There are some people that say “oh well I would never go mudding anyway even if I drove truck.” that’s bullshit go drive past a muddy road in a truck with a 6″ lift and 35s and see if you can resist plowing through it at full speed. You can’t because it is impossible.

Snow: This one kind of speaks for itself, especially if you live in the Midwest or anywhere you may see more than a foot of snow at a time. You may not need a 4wd in some snow, but I personally have driven around in blizzards and pulled out car divers who they could make it in crazy snowstorms. So while your freezing to death because your car got stuck in a snowbank, I’ll be having the time of my life doing 4 wheel drive donuts and drifting all over town.

Truck beds: This is more important than you think. A truck bed is like a home away from home you can use it for anything. You can store stuff there, use it for fishing and hauling around big game instead of dragging it around (which sucks), you can tailgate, use it to just sit and beer-bedlook at the river, Sleep in it if your to drunk to drive (which also sucks), hell you can even get laid in your truck bed if your smooth enough. The possibilities are endless. Don’t believe me ask a pick up driver they’ll tell ya.


Manly: This is something that many people deny but is still true. there is just something about driving a truck that makes you feel manly, and the bigger the truck the more badass you feel driving it. Plus women like big trucks I say this from personal experience. Nothing gains attention and turns heads like big lifted truck painted with mud. Oh but that Honda is cooler than your truck, said no one ever.

Pride: Nothing like a truck to give pride in your machine, you can add mods and customize it to make it yours and one of a kind. All truck owners know this it’s why pickup drivers tip their hats to each other (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you probably drive a car). Its like when  you drive a truck, your friends with every one else who drives one too, A lot like driving a motorcycle. That’s all for now for other truck enthusiasts if I missed anything let me know. If you drive a car join the club buy a truck and experience the high.

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