Dodges pros and cons.


Alright so I always hear the constant back and forth of chevy and ford guys, but it seems like dodge is often forgotten for some reason. It could be that it just doesn’t get swept up in the petty debates, but regardless I’m going to go over the love hate of owning a dodge pickup (I have owned three I will post pictures of them soon.)

First I would like to talk about the positive side of having a dodge because they have always been good to me for the most part. So as I’m sure many cumminsof you already know dodges are most known for the legendary cummins that produce the big coal factories you see rolling around, nobody can argue with a cummins, they are the best engine out there obviously if John Deere uses them, but I wont go into too much detail as they will be turning over their cummins contract soon. Dodges are work horses of the truck world because they are rusty and trusty and typically have good torque and hp specs. That being said they tend to be in same boat as ford when it comes to becoming cheaper faster, Chevy seems to hold value better for some reason. but if your like me and prefer to buy older trucks this is nice because they are more affordable. Leaving more money for mods and such.

As far as off road goes like any all trucks depends on what you put on it, but I beat the living shit out of all my dodges and none of them have left me stranded yet. Except for the one I ramped and destroyed, however it still runs and shifts gears just cant drive because the front end is collapsed but they are very reliable even if you trash them in mud and snow. Take care of a Dodge it will take care of you. Doesn’t hurt that they look good too, every generation of dodge looks good so you really can’t go wrong buying dodge when they look good, sound good, hold up and are inexpensive.

Now unfortunately great as Dodges are they do have blemishes to look out for let me explain. Rust, rust, and more rust, my boys in the Midwest can attest to this especially. If you find a dodge with no rust wake up from your dream because they don’t exist. I don’t know what it is but dodge is plagued with rust all models all years doesn’t matter. With a rusty body often comes a garbage transmission, now I did have a dodge ram with 180,000+ miles with original tranny in it, but it was on its last leg when I wrecked it. But I have heard many stories and know guys who got fucked by like 2 or 3 transmissions in the same truck. It’s all about chance really with dodges. Another common problem I’ve had is the damn bushings popping off or breaking but they are like 20 bucks, but with that I’d rather fix dodges mechanical 4wd than Chevy’s push button electronic bullshit.

Other than that, oh dashes Basically every 3rd gen dodge’s will collapse at some point in its life but other than that only real draw backs of dodge diesel and gas is trannys and body rust other than that they preform very well in the mud, on the farm, and basically every where else, Just remember buying a dodge is like rolling dice its all chance.

“So it’s probably eighty percent luck and twenty percent skill”- Chris Ledoux


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