Why you should get a lift kit

So I am here to talk about lift kits today, more specifically suspension lift kits. Not that there is anything wrong with body lift, but suspension lifts are better. I’ll explain why if you don’t already know.

Alright so if you have a truck there is a million reasons to get it lifted, and a million reasons not to but those are all bullshit they are awesome. One of the biggest reasons to get a lift is for off road performance, this is where suspension lift comes in play because body lifts don’t really offer better performance except to fit bigger tires. A suspension lift however will still allow for bigger tires and also give you better shocks, more ground clearance (which is huge in the mud) and protect your vehicle from hydro locking in water. So if your a mudder there is no reason your truck shouldn’t be lifted.

My next reason and this ones obvious as well, a lift will make your truck look sexy and set you apart from other pickups. If you just want to look good and use your truck to pick up chicks then go ahead and get body lift because they probably don’t know the difference, but if you have gear head buddy’s, you will likely be laughed at for having a body lift because they look stupid 90% of the time unless they are combined with a suspension lift. It’s no secret that lifted trucks look badass and are all around better off road and on road because your above everyone. Added to that I have yet to meet a girl who isn’t check-out-that-smart-carfascinated by big trucks, so for those of you who are afraid to get the old “you must have a small dick” from some jealous guy, You can use your truck to pickup and pipe down his girl and tell him to ask her how big it is.




So like a said there is a million reasons to get your lifted like I said, I couldn’t possibly list or talk about them all. Now if you want to be part of a small tribe of lifted truck and jeep drivers, get a lift kit and you’ll see what I mean. You basically become friends with other truck enthusiasts and you can keep up with your buddies in the mud. If I forgot any of the benefits that make lifted life awesome leave a comment. Now I will take about the downsides of lifting a pickup.

Let me start by saying all drawbacks are easily outweighed by the pluses but I will talk about them none the less. Alright so after your truck is lifted you’ll notice that the gas mileage has gone down, here’s why, when a truck gets lifted it has more wind resistance which hurts a little, also chances are you have bigger meatier tires which will easily take a toll on mpg. I noticed you usually lose 2-5 mpg depending on the lift and tires, but no badass vehicle gets good mileage its just the nature of the beast.

Another little thing to look out for is the u joints lifting a truck changes the angle of the drive shaft and puts stress on the u joints so get used to replacing them. also if you don’t beef up your brakes lifting will put a lot of strain on stock brakes. Another performance issue I hear about it loss of power or torque but when you lift a truck and increase you tire size by 10 inches no shit your going to lose torque, so just make sure to re gear your diffs it is super easy and can save a lot of trouble and keep your torque up.

One more thing If your steering gets a little squirrelly on the road that’s normal happens all the time just learn to live with it. If you are in a relationship beware girls are going to be all over you so take precautions like tinting windows or loud exhaust.

If you have a nice truck, jeep, or suv id love to see it. Till next time take it easy. -Joe



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