Mudding is not illegal!

Hello friends so I have been talking to some people about something that has happened to me personally and I wanted to chime in on it. What happens is your doing your thing, you know slingin’ mud and dropping panties on some level b road or in a public area and some salty dawg comes up stops you and threatens to call the sheriff if you don’t leave. I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit let em call, I’ve had a deputy come up check my info and personally tell me there is nothing illegal about it. I can’t even tell you how many stories I’ve heard about people cutting a good time short because they worried about getting in trouble, but if your doing the right thing and your not drunk they can’t stop you

So if you encounter a situation like this kindly and respectfully tell that person to fuck themselves but you have every right to be there. Now don’t get confused if your on private property they have every right to tell you leave or where you can and can not go, and if your on private property and didn’t know it(this has happened to me before as well) just respectfully tell them you didn’t know and 90% of the time they will be nice to you. Remember to be nice and strike conversation because you never know maybe they’ll let you mud or hunt their property if they think they can trust you.

Be sure to befriend as many people as possible because there is a lot of hidden gems out there that are prime for mudding or even hunting that the owner themselves don’t use or will let you use and having your own spots is always nice and a lot of the old timers have good advice and cool stories once you get to know them even if they seem like d bags at first.

So point to take away here is don’t let a fun afternoon get ruined because someone tells you can blast a public road you can.

Keep slinging and keep it real-Joe

Got to give him credit he didn’t quit.


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