Winter off roading

Okay folks welcome back, so as it gets further and further into the winter months, and all of your beloved mudding grounds turn rock solid some become discouraged. Yes winter can suck its cold, sand and salt wreck havoc on your vehicle, you have to put the r6 away (well I do) and worst of all the mud freezes over. I am here to tell you to keep your hopes up because soon snow will fall and solve all problems. Then snow running, 4wd donuts and drifting around at 50 mph are your new life. You can even bust out the snowmobile if you have one and it works (it probably doesn’t).

Before you go out and think the whole world is an ohv park because its covered in snow beware of where you go. Let me tell you a story that happened a few years back. So there I was, young buck Joe driving around in my old 2000 Dodge Dakota driving around in a snowstorm drifting around corners and just givin her hell. I also chased down a deer to see if I could catch in my truck I didn’t but that’s another story. Anyways I came arcoss this by open snowy area by the railroad tracks, and naturally I thought “hell yes I will” so I start doing some wicked donuts and not 5 minutes later I hear my tire pop. It got gashed so hard I literally heard it pop and it deflated in like ten seconds, so after about 15 minutes of freezing my ass off I changed it and went home. The next day I got up and loan behold the rear driver tire was flat, so I flattened not 1 but tires at the same time. By the way the popped one had a 4 inch gash on it.

So the moral of the story is know what lies under under snow so you don’t get destroyed by something you couldn’t see, try to run snow in areas that you normally go off raoding or parking lots and whatnot. Other than that just hang on a little longer and youll be ripping up snow and slush in no time. And you can bust out those beloved snowmobiles, Also don’t forgot its prime hunting and trapping time right now.

Till next time your man- Joe This will be us soon 


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