Keep these things in your truck always

So ever have something happen and think man I wish I had this right now, well obviously you cant carry every single thing you might need but these items will help in most circumstances on and off the road.

1.Tow straps/chain

Primarily for when you are driving along and you see a mud hole or sloppy road and your like hell yes I can. Little did you know you could not in fact make it because it was too deep or your 4wd was not working at the time. Whatever the reason having this will save you trouble of “I would pull you out but I don’t have a chain.” or if your buddies get stuck you can be the tow strap guy. If you live in a snow ridden area like Iowa it can also be useful for extracting people out of the snow.

2.Duct tape

Can’t even count the times duct tape has saved my ass in one way or another. Half the shit on a vehicle can be temporarily fixed with duct tape if used correctly, This one kind of speaks for itself its small and is probably one of, if not the most useful thing in your bag of tricks.

3.Plyers and Screwdriver

These are inexpensive and useful tools that take up minimum space but can have a huge impact on a lot of different situations, mostly small stuff obviously your not going to rebuild a transmission with pliers but its like they say you’ll know when you need it and you’ll be damn glad you had them indeed.

4.Hack saw

This may have other uses but the main purpose, You just never know when you’ll see a ten point buck on the side of the road. So if you don’t want to miss that opportunity keep it close.

5.Ratchet straps

This is another one of those you’ll know when you need it because its hard to narrow down when you’ll need them. But I have done some crazy things with nothing more than a 6 pack of beer and ratchet straps.

6.Jumper Cables

If you have never needed jumper cables I promise you will at some point so just grab a set and put in your truck cause your going to need it.

These are all items just to keep in your truck cab if you have a tool box or a full size cab I would also have a wrench set with you at all times as that is super helpful.

Hope this was somewhat helpful till next time-Joe


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