Racing dirt bike right for me?

So I was asked yesterday, if a friend of mine should buy a YZ 250 2 stroke racing bike. So the story goes he has never had a dirt bike but is familiar with bikes but he wants to get into dirt biking and is afraid to get a small bike because he thinks he will get bored of it and upgrade anyway. Now i know this is a common problem as I myself have had it when I bought my ’03 CR 250, however this was my 3rd dirtbike. So had plenty of prior experience, but I’m going to give my 2 cents on racing bikes.

Okay so let me start by saying if you are not familiar with dirt bikes DO NOT get a 2 stroke racing bike of 250 or 450cc it will be too much and unlike anything you’ve ever rode. You wont have fun because chances are you will be trying to focus on not killing yourself, they are built for experienced riders not 16 year olds looking for their first bike. I’m sure anybody who owns or has owned one will agree. That being said if your fairly comfortable on bikes and are looking to upgrade or want to get into racing or whatever, don’t be afraid to get one they are a lot fun and give you opertunity to hit some badass ramps, do wicked wheelies, and go from 0 to stupid fast in nothing flat. I loved mine, but I got tired of the expenses that they bring which I’ll cover in a minute. I’ll also go over what i recommend for trail bikes and such in another article this is more racing.

Now i want to talk real quick about the cost and expenses of having a 2 or 4 stroke racing bike, but mostly a 2 stroke. So first they are not to

Red line 2 stroke
Red line 2 stroke

expensive to buy compared to other types of bikes so that’s good. Gas, Gas is going to kill you, my old 2 smoker would burn like 2 gallons of fuel in like an hour give or take a little. Since it’s 2 stroke it is oil mixed with high octane so I’d spend like 50 bucks to ride for a day. Rebuilds, especially if you race competition you will be doing a lot of rebuilds for rec use it is like every so many hours, for racing I heard it’s every race but i never did competition so i’m not sure on that just what my friends told me. Medical bills, you’ll probably get hurt if your not sure what your doing, no not really but stay safe out there.


So I want to close out by talking about different bikes. I am somewhat bias as i prefer Yamaha and Honda but I research all to better guide people. Alright for starters on 2 strokes i recommend a Kawasaki or a Honda 125cc, my reason being they are cheap and easy to control and they will get you used to 2 stroke life. For recreational use i would get a yz 250 just because they are comfortable and they look good and last pretty good too, plus they are easy to work on. For racing all my buddies that race say that KTM seem to dominate so I’d have to say that it is a good choice, but they are pricier so better be dedicated. Now for DBs it is mostly brand preference as they are all pretty similar just little differences.

Thanks for reading leave a comment of your opinion or follow us for more always like to hear from our readers so feel free to speak your mind. Keep mixing gas and slapping ass 2 stroke life-Joe Guy doing some power wheelies


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