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Alright so I touched base on racing bikes a little bit, so now I just want to get a little about trail bikes out there, It’s hard to say exactly what a good trail bike is because most companies don’t advertise or produce trail specific bikes but some are much better than others here’s why.

Now if you want to just hit the trails and take in scenery rather than hit massive ramps and kill wheelies. Than a racing bike probably isn’t going to be the right choice, because they don’t like to run without throttle so unless you like hugging trees I would recommend not riding in the woods on a 2 stroke track bike. My recommendation for trail bikes is to get a smaller 4 stroke because then you don’t have to worry about hitting a life ending power band while your navigating the woods. They make good bikes with comfortable seats, with trail riding its not really necessary to be standing up so much. So in summary get a bike that has a somewhat comfortable seat, but has a little power so you can go fast if you want.

dual sport ex.
dual sport ex.

If your looking for a little diversity but want to hit the trails sometimes then you can’t go wrong with a dual sport. Speaking from experience they do it all you can ride trails, hit jumps do awesome off roading, then you can hit the road and just drive home. This gets rid of the hassle that is loading and unloading. Beware however if you wreck your bike and you rode it there then your kind of fucked so be extra careful not to crash it. Dual sports are built to sustain damage though so you have to wreck pretty bad to get in that situation. There is a lot of good dual sports out there to ride these bike are also comfortably designed so you can ride them for hours without shaking your arms off and sitting on a plywood seat. I had a XL600r which is an old bike but you’d never know while riding it as it handled as almost as well as my r6 on the road.

So as for trail bikes to look into id say the CRF250L is worth looking into also the Yamaha XT series or the Kawasaki KLX series are both pretty famed for all purpose riding, for more budget friendly bikes you can get a DR350 or 650 but they are getting harder to find, just look into some bikes and see what suits your fancy.

till next time keep riding-Joe


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