Preventative Offroad Maintenance

Running mud is always fun until your truck breaks and your stuck in the middle of a muddy road. I’m going to inform you of a few simple things that will lessen the damage muddin’ can do to your vehicle. Obviously it is going to take a toll a no matter what, but plenty of things can be avoided for little or no cost.

Wash your truck

This is one simple and inexpensive thing that can take a hefty toll on a truck if neglected. I have personally paid the price for this. Now I get it you’ve just got done mudding and you want to were the muddy paint job for while, that is not a problem even still you should try to get to the wash asap to wash the undercarriage. The reason time is of the essence is as many of you know mud just gets harder and harder as time goes on an rain won’t help underneath. When you go to wash it pay special attention to the brakes as dirt will cause more heat and put a lot of wear on the brakes. I’ve seen brakes get run down in weeks because of this so it can be serious, of other note is the bearings and the drive shaft weight will put further strain on them and cause them to become brittle. Don’t forget to wash the body eventually though because dirt will retain moisture and cause your beloved truck to fall to rust quicker if left there for weeks on end, the one week rule is generally the safest bet. So don’t neglect to wash your truck and focus on areas that generate heat because the mud will cause more friction.

Windows and wipers

Another simple thing I tell you as I once again have paid the price for this time and time again but it’s pretty simple. When your out there throwing mud keep your windows up or down whatever you prefer, but don’t roll them up and down until the mud’s dry at least. When you roll them up and down the mud gets stuck in the window slot and dries and that wears the window motor a lot faster, if you have good ol’ manual windows don’t worry about it. As for the wipers don’t let the mud dry on the windshield, it won’t cost you millions but it will make gaps on the water seal and before you know it, they will only pull like half the water off your windshield while it’s raining and that is annoying.

Don’t rock it

Now I understand that rocking is part of off roading, but if your stuck, your stuck don’t keep throwing in and out of gear while your buried to your doors. Save your tranny and t case and just get pulled out. However if you have a rig just for mud give her hell probably ever probably won’t matter much as that what it’s for. If you drive your mudder regularly be cautious, I have had my T-case literally split in half going down the highway one time, because I kicked it’s ass in the mud so much and that was a bitch to replace. I have also killed a dodge transmission from mudding which isn’t hard to do. So again I have personally paid heavily for this as well, starting to see a pattern here

                                 Tire pressure001-lowering-tire-pressure-tire-deflection-against-rock-lead

This is for those of you who deflate your tires for performance when going crawling or wheeling. Air is free, tires are not simple don’t forget to fill them back up because they will wear faster and pick up more tire shredders with low pressure. We all know new meats ain’t cheap.

Check the intake

Make sure your intake is water proof and air tight because it is not to expensive and it can avoid you the hassle of hydro locking your engine  from hitting a mud hole too fast or sitting in a damn car wash. Surprise, surprise I have once again been victim to this myself and it sucks I got lucky my trusty 1500 fired back up again stubbornly as it was only a little water. If you drive a Toyota you might not be so lucky a little more susceptible to American water. A little tape or sealant can go a long way


This all depends on how much your interior means to you, but if it does carry around some rags so you don’t have to touch everything with your muddy hands. You can also use them to tie your tow rope if their big enough instead of using your shirt (that’s what I do anyway.) For your seats if their not leather pick up a set of seat covers (camo), this will keep the mud off the cloth because its a bitch to get out (from exp.) Another simple measure is rubber floor mats and steering wheel cover, these items are easy to wash and replace if destroyed at little cost. If your really cheap get some old sheets and throw them over your seats because they are machine washable, my uncle does this to keep his truck clean when fishing and hunting and I didn’t pay mind to how genius it was till I got older.

Common sense

Self explanatory for the most part if something sounds stupid it probably is, don’t be carless when your off road and and you’ll find yourself with far less mud falling in your face while doing unnecessary repairs.

Till next time keep slingin’-Joe


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