Reasons dogs are better than cats

As most rednecks and country folk know dogs are far better companions than cats. I will try to make this as indisputable as possible. For those of you who prefer cats prepare to get schooled.

#1 Intelligence) The first reason dogs are better than cats lays foundation for basically everything else, and that is that they are far smarter than cats, for those of you who say cats are smarter, When is the last time they sent a cat into a combat zone along side special operations to sniff out IEDs and contraband, that’s right never.

#2 Hunting) Playing off their smartness allows them to make great hunting companions. They have a uncanny ability to sniff out, point and lead you to game. A dog can be trained to assist in the hunting and tragolden-retriever-01-lpping of almost any game out there. Some types of hunting like pheasant, coon, and duck hunting, I would rather have a good dog than 2 or 3 other guys. When hunting, a good hunter and his trusty dog are a force to be reckoned with.

#3 Communication) Dogs can communicate with their human companions, they can comprehend and execute hundreds of commands. Cats can just sit there, A good dog will even respond to some commands vocally and use body language to talk to you, another reason they make good hunting companions, warriors, and all around friends.

#4 Friendly) Everyone knows that dogs are friendlier than felines it’s like dogs think their job in life is to love and greet the people that own them. In the example of my dog she thinks it’s her job to greet everybody and put a smile on their face(she is a golden retriever).

#5 Women love dogs) Just another reason not to buy a cat, whens the last time someone was like oh yeah my cat helps me pick up chicks, yeah probably never. It’s because dogs are beautiful and graceful creatures and cats are afraid to leave the house.

#6 Senses) The amount things dogs can use their superior senses for is limitless, their smell can be used to track missing persons, sniff out bombs and drugs, sniff out animals for hunting, Track anything really if they have a smell to go off of. They can sense when people are sick and spot those who have cancer even before the person knows. Dogs can even sense emotions like anger and sadness and respond approprietly. cats suck.

#7 Dogs can save your life) Dogs can actually sense coming heart attacks and siezures before they happen. Some dogs can even be trained push a 911 speed dial button in case of emergency, cats cannot.air-bud

#8 Dogs can play sports) Oh don’t believe me go watch Air bud then tell me that’s not true. Enough said.

#9 Protection) No matter how nice a dog is most dogs have a watchdog mentality that you don’t even have to train, it’s a born gift. They can scare away strangers and protect your house while your away.

#10 loyalty) No question dogs best and most cherished quality, A bond between a man and dog is not easily broken, dogs are probably the most loyal creatures on earth humans included. Mans best friend will fight and die for their master without thinking twice, unwaivering loyalty like that is hard to find in people. Your dog will be glad to see you everyday and make you happy until they draw their last breath. Cats, well they will eat you when you die. I think that kind of sums it up

So remember take care of your dog it will take care of you, and let your cat out the door because unlike dogs they wont come back.

This is an amazing dog, ride on roscoe

take it easy till next time-Joe


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