Snow finally falls

Hello folks know it’s been a while, I’ve been stirring some shit up in the melting pot of greatness. What that is, will soon be revealed to all, no worries.

What I wanted to talk about today is the coming of snow and all the great things that come with it.


Snowmobile enthusiasts are obviously very happy about the coming of snow. I personally don’t use much for snow mobiles as they break down a lot and there is a very limited time to ride them.

If you do ride the snow machines be sure to watch out for the barb wire fences, and don’t get caught smoking deer on the move.

Good way to get the most out of winter though so, I won’t talk to much shit.

Running snow 

Running snow is sometimes more entertaining than mud running, not. Okay so it is not as cool but it’s still a kick ass time for everybody. Plus now instead of waiting for the rain, or finding a mud hole and driving there. Spending half the day fixing your truck after you break it.

You can just drive out to the nearest unplowed parking lot/street, or anywhere with snow really, and tear up some serious offroading, or even onroading if you will.

Then you get to watch the sand and salt literally tear your truck apart right in front of your eyes instead.

Only problem is it’s cold and you don’t want to get stuck and freeze to death. Better to die wheelin’ I say.

Other weird shit you built yourself

Me and some buddies built that one year, it’s a ski cart. This is the time to build cool and crazy shit for the snow and go test it out without hurting yourself. Okay without hurting yourself badly.

Chances are your probably going to hurt yourself a little bit. I know I did, but, what do you expect when you create a sledding cart that holds 2, plus one on the back and it has no breaks.

If you make something add an oh shit mechanism like breaks or an abandon ship plan.

lattes and sweaters

Your a chick or your gay, congrats

ice driving

Soon the ice will be deep enough to drive on, then you can go get some with the threat of falling through and dying at all times. What is more fun than that.

So if you want a good time go 60 on a lake and then crank the wheels. That is a good time right there.

That’s all for now, more coming soon

keep the snow flying- Jack




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