New old school trucks

New old school trucks

So first let me explain what this article is all about, because it may sound kind of confusing. It is, but I will put a little simpler. So what it is I’m talking about is older trucks, classics. I personally have several trucks, one them is a good old 82′ Chevy custom deluxe. Yes unfortunately it is an automatic. I want a manual too, but I was presented an offer I couldn’t pass up. It was a very nice truck with a good swap, and since I am not back home I really didn’t want to swap the damn engine. It is a 350, which if I had my way I would have swapped a good old big block in it, but the 350 preforms very well.

So what I wanted to talk about was the genocide I see being committed against my old pickups out there. Especially having been in California for a time I saw it a lot. If your from anywhere that isn’t a city you know what I am talking about.

I will see a beautiful 67 Chevy with no rust, not damaged. Just something could have rolled straight out of someone’s dreams. Then it has some gay light green paint job with a red strip and it’s lowered to the pavement. Then I think “what the fuck”. Why is this guy doing such a thing to such a beautiful piece of machinery? I will tell you this a mystery I have yet to solve to this day. I don’t think I will ever find out, but I can raise awareness. If you know of a pickup in danger of becoming victim to such atrocities seek help immediately.

I can also tell you some cool ways to get the most out of your old truck and the best reasons you should buy one for yourself. You should, especially for a solid mud rig because they are so customizable.

Lift kit

So let me start with the obvious shit, a lift kit. If you don’t understand the importance of why you should lift a classic truck then you have invested time into the wrong site. My truck has a 6 inch rough country suspension lift, and a 3 in body lift. That is my Chevy. My dodge has a 6 in suspension only. Without a lift kit (not a fucking lowering kit) Your truck is a Junker to the average eye.

With a lift kit on an old truck it doesn’t matter how much torque it has or how many horses, it has pull over a new truck. When your done building a good classic, no new truck is going to stand up to it.

With a lift comes tires of course. I swear if I see another fucking classic truck with a lowering kit and 22 in. rims I will lose my mind. Hate that shit.

I recommend some TSL’s or Nitto’s for that extra badass look.


With any great old school head turner comes an obnoxiously loud exhaust.

I hate it when a cool truck doesn’t have loud exhaust and it passes me by before I can see it. Give people a chance to know your coming with a nice straight pipe, or better yet no pipe at all.

When you start getting tickets for noise then it is loud enough. When your whole town knows you just started up your truck, that’s when you have reached the perfect level of volume.

Some nice dual exhaust is always cool too or stacks if you have a diesel. Don’t be that fuckin’ guy with stacks on a gasser. You won’t look cool you’ll look like a tool.

So get some cool loud exhaust that suits your liking.

Paint job

Next is going to your paint job. It has to be cool because it is the face of your truck. Me I like to see a nice red or a dark blue. Those nice classic colors.

If you think that your truck can pull off the old John Deere green than go for it. If all else fails and you just can’t decide then go for the black. If you want to look rugged and, shit then go for flat. Have fun looking like a redneck bro (my truck is black). Mettalic will look a lot more refined and classy.

I swear let me see some stupid clown put some gay ass color on a nice truck with all the perfect parts. It is so stupid, it’s like way to ruin a nice truck with a gay paint job.

Stick with a manly color so you don’t look like a dumb ass.


Nothing says I’m a truck guy like a good set of truck accessories. Or you’ll look like a huge redneck I have been told.

Anyway get a nice roll bar with lights for that extra offroad capability. Or a bull bar with lights on it having the same effect.

If you think you got the balls then put a set of nuts on it, if you think you can do it put on some whips, I won’t judge.

Accessories are all about looking like a bad ass., aka thinking you look like a bad ass but actually looking like an idiot. Who cares, fuck the haters, let a guy think his rig bad ass. Anybody with actual truck respect will see the logic in your upgrades.

Performance parts

Get fuckin’ real, if you wanted a truck for performance you wouldn’t have bought a 40 year old truck. I get it you want it to run at tip top performance. Come on though it isn’t going to be the fastest or the most powerful. It is going to look bad ass, focus on that.


BEWARE! The war on rust becomes even more prevalent with old trucks. Rust is a virus, but it’s like a super virus that has an ak and has drivers license. Don’t even let your guard down, if it hasn’t already assaulted your vehicle.

I was lucky enough to find a nice 82′ with no rust, amazing right. I can say it is the first truck if not the first vehicle I have ever owned with no rust. So just be warned.

So I’m guessing if you have read this far than you must be rather fond of old trucks. If you have one please do the world some justice and mod it properly. Don’t be the guy with a poorly built old school piece of heaven.

Till next time your man – Joe







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