Good Trail Bikes

Alright so I touched base on racing bikes a little bit, so now I just want to get a little about trail bikes out there, It’s hard to say exactly what a good trail bike is because most companies don’t advertise or produce trail specific bikes but some are much better than others here’s why.

Now if you want to just hit the trails and take in scenery rather than hit massive ramps and kill wheelies. Than a racing bike probably isn’t going Continue reading “Good Trail Bikes”

Racing dirt bike right for me?

So I was asked yesterday, if a friend of mine should buy a YZ 250 2 stroke racing bike. So the story goes he has never had a dirt bike but is familiar with bikes but he wants to get into dirt biking and is afraid to get a small bike because he thinks he will get bored of it and upgrade anyway. Now i know this is a common problem as I myself have had it when I bought my ’03 CR 250, however this was my 3rd dirtbike. So had plenty of prior experience, but I’m going to give my 2 cents on racing bikes. Continue reading “Racing dirt bike right for me?”