spring time 2017

Hello folks, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I have been busy working on a few things that are culminating as we speak.

Since it is now finally coming to spring time, I wanted to rejoice in the fleeting snow and coming of bottomless mud with you readers.

If you have a snowmobile than that sucks, if you have a bike then you should be damn happy. If you have an atv you shouldn’t give a fuck.

Of course if you have a truck than snow can be a good thing, but it just isn’t quite as good as mud if you ask me. Nothing really is in my opinion.

So spring brings tons of mud and sun which make for a really good time.


I really don’t have too much to say, as spring is just beginning, but stay tuned as I will post more as it gets a little further into spring.

Take it easy- Joe

10 greatest country music legends

I have been noticing less and less people know about the old country greats who made music what it is today so I just wanted to talk about some of them and my personal favorite songs by them.

1. Chris Ledoux


Rarely do I find someone who even knows about this legend of country music, even though he made 7 albums and pretty much every song he made was good. He left behind a great legacy, some of my personal favorites to name a few Continue reading “10 greatest country music legends”

Hello folks

Welcome to 4x4iowa.com, a great up and coming website. Where you can find great places to go off-roading in Iowa and people to go with if are looking to join groups or clubs. Also find great knowledge on cars trucks motorcycle, sources for good parts, tried and tested. If you want to know anything in particular leave a comment, otherwise explore my site it will be growing daily.

keep it real, Joe

just a start
just a start