Winter off roading

Okay folks welcome back, so as it gets further and further into the winter months, and all of your beloved mudding grounds turn rock solid some become discouraged. Yes winter can suck its cold, sand and salt wreck havoc on your vehicle, you have to put the r6 away (well I do) and worst of all the mud freezes over. I am here to tell you to keep your hopes up because soon snow will fall and solve all problems. Then snow running, 4wd donuts and drifting around at 50 mph are your new life. You can even bust out the snowmobile if you have one and it works (it probably doesn’t). Continue reading “Winter off roading”

Mudding is not illegal!

Hello friends so I have been talking to some people about something that has happened to me personally and I wanted to chime in on it. What happens is your doing your thing, you know slingin’ mud and dropping panties on some level b road or in a public area and some salty dawg comes up stops you and threatens to call the sheriff if you don’t leave. I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit let em call, Continue reading “Mudding is not illegal!”

10 greatest country music legends

I have been noticing less and less people know about the old country greats who made music what it is today so I just wanted to talk about some of them and my personal favorite songs by them.

1. Chris Ledoux


Rarely do I find someone who even knows about this legend of country music, even though he made 7 albums and pretty much every song he made was good. He left behind a great legacy, some of my personal favorites to name a few Continue reading “10 greatest country music legends”

Dodges pros and cons.


Alright so I always hear the constant back and forth of chevy and ford guys, but it seems like dodge is often forgotten for some reason. It could be that it just doesn’t get swept up in the petty debates, but regardless I’m going to go over the love hate of owning a dodge pickup (I have owned three I will post pictures of them soon.) Continue reading “Dodges pros and cons.”

6 reasons to buy a truck

Howdy folks so I get asked a lot why I drive a truck more specifically a lifted truck. So I’m going to explain 6 reasons why you should ditch your car and buy a truck (if you don’t have one already). If you do you’ll know what I’m talking about when I explain why vehicles are more than just a way to get to and from work. lets get started. Continue reading “6 reasons to buy a truck”

Hello folks

Welcome to, a great up and coming website. Where you can find great places to go off-roading in Iowa and people to go with if are looking to join groups or clubs. Also find great knowledge on cars trucks motorcycle, sources for good parts, tried and tested. If you want to know anything in particular leave a comment, otherwise explore my site it will be growing daily.

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just a start
just a start